Friday, October 23, 2015

Updated: 2015 Fall Craft Show Schedule

Update:  2015 Fall Craft Show Schedule

As promised, here's my updated 2015 Fall / Christmas Craft Show schedule:

Fairless Elementary 3rd Annual PTO Holiday Craft Show
Saturday, October 24, 2014  -  9am – 4pm
at Fairless Elementary School - 11836 Navarre Rd SW, Navarre, OH 44662 

Worley Winter Arts & Crafts Bazarre
Saturday, November 7, 2014  -  9am - 4pm
at Worley Elementary School -  1340 23rd St NW, Canton, OH 44709

Louisville Band Boosters
28th Annual Craft Show

Saturday, November 14, 2014  -  9am - 3pm
at Louisville Middle School - 1300 South Chapel Street, Louisville, OH

31st Annual Homespun
Holiday Craft Fair

Saturday, November 21, 2014  - 9am - 3pm
at St. George Romanian Orthodox Church -  144 30th St

Sandy Valley Merry Christmas
Craft Show
- 2 Day Show!
Saturday, November 28, 2014  -  10am - 5pm, AND
Sunday, November 29, 2014  -  11am - 4pm
at Sandy Valley High School  -  5362 State Route 183, Magnolia, OH 44643

The Frosty Boutique
Saturday, December 5th from 9am – 4pm
at Marlington Middle School -
10325 Moulin Ave NE, Alliance, OH 44601

I will also be hosting a few Open House events in my home during November and December.  If you would like to attend one of these, please contact me for the dates and times.  I am also able to come to your home if you would like to host a holiday shopping party as well.

You can also sign up for my newsletters (I don't do them often, but there is an option to sign up for updated craft show schedules which I send out about twice a year) - Click here to subscribe :)

You can also send me a message from the Contact Us page on our website!

Thank you to everyone who has asked me for my list of shows I'm doing this year! :)  I love that people enjoy my art! :)

Hope to see some of you soon!  Mention this post and get 10% off your entire purchase!!!! :)



Thursday, July 9, 2015

Updates: My Social Media Info

Hey everyone! Well I think it's obvious by now that I don't keep up with this blog very well! Arggg!  Well I still have intentions to do so! Haha!

In the meantime, I just wanted to list my social media info in case you would like to connect or follow!

Ok -- here goes:

Facebook Fan Page for AutismLoveHope:



Etsy Shop:



and if you are a customer / friend / fan and want to hook up on my personal FaceBook page, just send me a friend request:

Ok -- that's all for now!  Thanks everyone for your support! :)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Has It Really Been Two Years?

Oh my goodness, I'm so embarrassed!!!!!!  Not only did I not keep up with this blog as much as I had hoped, but it appears that I haven't added a new post in 2 years!!!! Oh what a disgrace! LOL  Ok, so I will attempt to make up for it this year!!!

First thing -- I'm posting my 2014 Fall / Winter Craft Show Schedule:

2014 Fall / Winter Craft Show Schedule:

Canton Women’s Club 21st Annual Holiday Boutique - 2 Day Show!Friday  Oct 3rd  2014  10 am - 8 pm Saturday October 4, 2014  10am - 3pm  822 Market Ave
Canton, Ohio 44702  -  This is a mostly Handmade show!
Click here to join the FB Event!

Grace Community Church 3rd Annual Fall Festival
Saturday, October 11, 2014  10am - 4pm
at Grace Community Church - 1700 Hankins Rd NE, Massillon, OH 44646  -
  This show is a mixture of handmade crafts and direct sell items (like Thirty One, Pampered Chef, etc).  Click here to join the FB Event!
Fairless Elementary 2nd Annual PTO Holiday Craft Show
Saturday, October 25, 2014
at Fairless Elementary School - 11836 Navarre Rd SW, Navarre, OH 44662  -
  This is all HANDMADE craft items!  Purses, wreaths, scarves, jewelry, ornaments, baked goods, hair accessories, quilts, etc!  Click here to join the FB Event!
Worley Winter Arts & Crafts Bazarre 2014
Saturday, November 8, 2014  -  9am - 4pm
Worley Elementary School -  1340 23rd St NW, Canton, OH 44709
This show is all HANDMADE items as well! :)  Click here to join the FB Event!
Louisville Band Boosters 27th Annual Craft Show
Saturday, November 15, 2014  -  9am - 3pm
Louisville Middle School - 1300 South Chapel Street, Louisville, OH 44641
This show is a mixture of handmade crafts and direct sell items (like Thirty One, Pampered Chef, etc).
Click here to join the FB Event!
30th Annual Homespun Holiday Craft Fair
Saturday, November 22, 2014  - 9am - 3pm
at St. George Romanian Orthodox Church -  144 30th St NW, Canton, OH 44709
This show is all HANDMADE items as well! :)  Click here to join the FB Event!
Sandy Valley Merry Christmas Craft Show - 2 Day Show!
Saturday, November 29, 2014  -  10am - 5pm, AND
Sunday, November 30, 2014  -  11am - 4pm
at Sandy Valley High School  -  5362 State Route 183, Magnolia, OH 44643
This show has over 150 vendors and is a mixture of handmade items and direct sell items (like Tastefully Simple, Origami Owl, Scentsy, etc)  Click here to join the FB Event!

Ok -- so that's it for now -- I hope to have at least 1 show in December too -- I will post an update if I get in any more shows!!! :)

I will also be hosting a few Open House parties this season as well in October, November and December.  If you would like to be on my contact list for Craft Shows I'll be attending, please use my Newsletter Sign-Up page to submit your email.  You have the option of choosing if you want to receive my monthly newsletter (I haven't published one yet! Yikes!  That is next!!!), or hear about specials and promotions, or if you want to be notified of what craft show's I'll be participating in.  Thank you everyone who has signed up -- I feel SO honored that people want to read a newsletter from me and come out to visit me!  What an honor!!! :)  I promise to offer a nice special to all my newsletter subscribers too! :)  Here's the link:  Newsletter Subscription

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our YouTube Channel! :)

I have created an entire channel of cute videos of our son! :)  Most of them are of him in music therapy!  Every one loves to watch these, so I thought I would post the link here if you would like to watch some! :)

Here's the newest one! :)

Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Online Store is Temporarily Down!

Hello loyal customers and fans! 

I am announcing a store "vacation".  Life is crazy sometimes and right now is just one of those times!  April was a super busy month for my store!  Autism Awareness Month brought lots of sales, which is very exciting, but I simply just wasn't able to keep up!  When I reopen my store, I will have new designs, and all of my bracelets are going to be ADJUSTABLE!  This will really help me a lot, since I can try to have a "stock" ready so when orders are placed, I can simply grab and pack the items, rather than having to make each one as they are ordered (not a problem when I only get 1 order a week -- but when I get 2 or 3 a day, its just impossible to do them all!).  Also, adjustable is great because most people aren't really sure what size will work best for them, or they are giving the items as gifts, so they really don't know that persons size either!  I'm not sure yet when I'll come back.  I have a lot to take care of before I can reopen the shop!  This summer my son has Buddy Camp, we will be going on a much needed vacation, we will be getting ready for our sons first year in school!  He starts Kindergarten this fall!!!!  Once he is in school, I will probably be able to go back to the site... however, fall is CRAFT SHOW SEASON!  Ah, I love doing craft shows!!!  In fact, I need to post my schedule for upcoming shows!  I will try to do that in a separate post.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and reading this!  My family and I are SO grateful for the wonderful customers who have supported us and made this dream possible!!! :)  I look forward to reopening the store with lots of great new items at great prices -- for all the awesome families out there that want to honor their special child with autism by wearing my handmade jewelry!  Thank you SO SO SO much!

And, now for some super cute pictures of my son! :)

This was Aden's Christmas Picture! :)

Aden with Mommy! :)
Here's happy Aden with his daddy! :)
Our Christmas 2011 Family Portrait!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

2011 Walk Now for Autism Speaks in Columbus, Ohio

We had another great turn out for the Walk this year!  It was so nice to see so many new faces, and connect with other Autism Parents in the area! The total donations for our city was $868860!  Wow!  How exciting!  

Here are some photos from the walk:

Me with my husband, our son and my mother-in-law at the walk.

  My mother-in-law, my husband, me, my son and our ABA aides! :)
 Some of my "Autism Parents" friends and their families! :)
 Me with my husband! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Craft Show Schedule for 2011

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to post the craft shows I will be attending this season -- however this list is not finalized yet.  I have 2 more shows I'm waiting to hear from whether or not I'll be in it!  But for now, here are the confirmed shows!

Saturday, August 27, 2011  --  5pm - 9pm
The Grandview Hop  -  located along Grandview Avenue between 1st and 5th Avenue.  The Grandview Hop is a celebration of all of the best that Grandview has to offer. Come check out the unique mix of food, drinks, shopping, live music, art, and fun along Grandview Avenue. The Grandview Hops are held the last Saturday of the month from April through November from 5 to 9pm.  I will be set up on the lawn in front of St. Christopher Church, right next to Arlington Bank.  If you need an address (to put into your fancy smart phone that has GPS - haha!), you can use the address for Arlington Bank, which is: 1460 Grandview Avenue, Columbus, OH 43212.  I will have ALL of my jewelry designs with me at this show, and I've made a lot of new and exciting items since the last Hop!  This is my last Grandview Hop for the season, so be sure to come out to this event!  It's truly my favorite summer show because of all the great music and great food!

Sunday, September 11, 2011  --  9am - 5pm
Powell Market Days  -  located in Downtown Powell, Ohio.  125+ dealers & vendors line the streets of downtown Powell with antiques,collectibles, arts & crafts, plants & produce, great foods/edibles, specialty products, and much more!  Many local business also have special sales and discounts. The Street Market is a fun family shopping experience in Powell!  (The exact location of my tent will be announced soon!)

Saturday, October 1, 2011  --  9am - 3pm
20th Annual Harvest Bouquet Craft Show at St. Joan of Arc Church -- located at 10700 Liberty Rd, Powell, Ohio 43065.  This is the biggest craft show I've ever participated in, and its truly unique!  I found so many amazing Christmas gifts last year at this show, and I was amazed at the variety of items sold there!  I can't wait to come back to this show!  If you are wanting to attend a great Craft Show this year, this one is the one to come to!  You will not be disappointed!

Saturday, October 22, 2011  --  9am - 3pm 
St. Cecilia Church Craft Show-- located at 440 Norton Road, Columbus, OH 43228.  This is my first time doing this craft show and I'm really excited to be a part of it!  Hope its a great turn out! :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011  --  9am - 3pm 
St. Peter's Church Calico Angel Craft Fair-- located at  6899 Smoky Row Road, Columbus, OH 43235.  This is another show that I'm doing for the first time.  This location is very close to where I live, so I hope its a great show that I can continue to do each year!  There's nothing like a show that's just right down the street! :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011  --  9am - 4pm
27th Annual St. George Homespun Holiday Craft Show -- located at 144 30th St NW, Canton, OH 44709.  My mom and I do this craft show together each year and this will be the 3rd year we have done this show together, and it will be my mom's 13th year of doing this show!  This is always a great show to find all sorts of handmade items perfect for Christmas time and holiday decorating too!  The kitchen prepares homemade sausage, cabbage rolls, soups, and a variety of baked goods are available as well. 

I am hoping to add 1 more show  in December, and if I get accepted, I will post it on here as well!  

Thanks to all of my loyal customers who want to come out and see me this year!  You have a few choices, so I hope to see you all at sometime this year!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


11:16AM -- Still no pee pee on the potty... we got him on at 8:15am -- however his diaper was very wet from over night, but yesterday he woke up dry so we had an extra advantage... so today we have given him LOTS of fluids!!!  He is in a good mood so far... and every once in a while he says he is gonna go pee, but nothing happens... but I think we are getting close -- yesterday he sat for 4 hours before he finally let a little bit come out... right now we are at 3 hours... we'll see!!!

12:33PM -- Aden started getting very fussy and antsy -- he was obviously holding it and getting very uncomfortable.  We tried to cheer him on like yesterday and tell him it was OK to go pee pee in the potty, but he was just getting more upset.  He finally did let a very few small squirts come out, but we wanted him to let more go before we let him get down for a break, but he was holding out pretty good.  So we told him one more pee pee and he could get down for a break.  He kept asking to be done for the day, and we told him he could have a break if he just went one more time in the potty... so after about 5 minutes, he finally let another tiny small amount come out, so we let him get down and put his new SpongeBob underwear on him and we let him play downstairs for 5 minutes exactly -- and he stayed DRY on his break! That was the first break he has taken yet that he didn't go pee in his underwear!  However he still really needs to go potty -- so now we have him back on the potty and he is all fussy and upset and irritable... I wish he would go so he could have some relief... We also need to eat lunch soon but we can't do it right now while he is so upset...

1:15PM -- He finally started letting some pee pee go!  He did really good, but after every time, he kept saying he was all done and wanted to get down and be done for the day... we knew he still had a lot in there, so we kept prompting him to keep going, and after about 5 minutes of start and stop pee (and lots of cheers and praises),  we let him get down for his next break.  This time we were going to try for 10 minutes, but he only made it 7 minutes before having an accident... so back up the potty we went! And he was finally calm enough to have lunch, so we ate while on the potty.  He must have let a significant enough amount go because he is no longer squirming and fussing like he was earlier.

2:15PM -- another round of stop and go pee pee -- this time the amounts were a little bit more, but he didn't do it for as long -- more like 2 minutes of peeing stop and go, but the amount was more.... So we kept cheering him on, but nothing else came... then by 2:30pm he let another big amount go! So he got to have a break, but this time he only went 2 minutes before he had an accident...  *cute side note -- Aden LOVED playing with his aide's iPad while waiting on the potty!*

3:28PM -- we think he has to go #2 and he is all upset about it... what a scary feeling this must be for him!  He just doesn't want to let it happen... he has had a little bit of pee come out though, but not consistently...

So then at 3:45pm I had to run to the grocery store -- I didn't want to leave, but I desperately needed some stuff that we were out of, so I ran to the store.  When I came back at 4:45pm, they informed me that he had gone 3 times and had 3 breaks and he was up to 15 minutes of a break without having an accident!!!!!  All of the action happens in the afternoon for sure!  And the last one apparently was A  LOT of pee! They said it was a big amount, and that it came out in a much longer stream than what we had been seeing (tiny stop and starts) -- they were all so excited!!!! 

So the day ended on a success for sure -- he finally let a bunch out and he was able to stay dry for 15 minutes before having to go sit and pee again... what will tomorrow hold? :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So here we are, Tuesday May 31st, 2011 -- the first day of our "Potty Party" for our son Aden!  Our day started at 8AM when our case supervisor Jenn (for his ABA team) arrived so she could be there when Aden woke up.  As soon as he got up, we took him straight to the potty and started the Party!  Well, it wasn't much of a party yet, but I was still pretty excited.  Not long after he sat down, I had to run to Kohl's to buy him some "big boy underwear" since we didn't have any yet.  I managed to find 3 different 5-packs of SpongeBob underwear! Score!  So I came home (nothing happened while I was gone) and washed all his new underwear, then came upstairs to see all the action (or lack of)... and pretty much he was just sitting on the potty while Jenn read him a book. And then they did some puzzles, and drank some juice, and sang some songs, played some games, drank some Pediasure.... and just sat there!  He was being a really good sport just sitting there!  So then we read the social story that we wrote about the potty, and we talked about what we do on the potty, and we told him that as soon as he went pee pee in the potty, he could get up for a break...  but still nothing was happening... but then around noon (12:09pm to be exact), we could tell that he was really holding it in, so Jenn turned on the water and that's all it took! He went a little bit in the potty, and as soon as he did, he said "Ok, now I can get down" -- we were amazed! So he really did understand that if he went in the potty, he could get up -- this was great news because we weren't even sure that he knew what we were trying to get him to do... but sure enough, he knew that he did something right because he knew it was time for a break!  So we got him off the potty and put his new big boy underwear on him, and he wanted to go downstairs and play.  At first it was really funny watching him walk in his underwear -- I guess he had just never felt what it was like not having a big diaper or pull up on him!  So we let him play for about 6 or 7 minutes, then brought him back up to sit on the potty again.  When we took his underwear off of him, we noticed they were wet -- he did go in his underwear, but not a huge amount -- but he didn't tell us or seem to mind.... So then we just waited for him to go again....  I brought out daddy's Xoom (its a tablet, like an iPad, but with Android operating system instead of Apple) and played some SpongeBob videos on it, and he really liked that... and then at 1:05pm he went a little more in the potty!  This time we could kinda see it on the seat (haha!) so we congratulated him, and he wanted to get down again for a break -- so we put new undies on him and let him go play, but this time, after just a few minutes, he started to make some whining sounds (I figured he had lost his toy -- usually he'll make these "upset" sounds when he looses something or needs help) so I came over to him and brought him his balloon back because I thought that was what he wanted, but he wasn't taking it - he was just standing there and fussing, and I realized he had peed in his underwear and some was on his leg.  So we took him back upstairs and put him back on the potty and talked to him about telling us when he has to go, and that is ok to go on the potty, but if he goes in his underwear he will feel all wet... so then we decided to eat lunch since it was a little past his lunch time anyways.  We brought a tray table upstairs and had him eat lunch while on the potty... but then he started getting fussy and Jenn had mentioned that the aides had been tracking his bm's and wet diapers for the past few months just to get an idea of his patterns, and she said that typically every day around 1pm or so, he has a BM (goes #2) -- so we figured he must be feeling like he has to go... and now that he was eating food, it was probably increasing that feeling... and then it kinda smelled like he was going to go too... so we put on the water again and waited... and he started to hold himself up kinda funny and we really thought he was going to go, but nothing.... and then at 2:36pm he let a little bit of pee come out again and of course we celebrated! And we asked him if he still had to go, he said yes, but then he said he wanted to get down, so we let him get down and we put another set of undies on him (3rd set of the day) and I told him that if he had to go poop, he needed to tell us and we will put him on the potty and that he can't go poop in his underwear.  So he went downstairs to play, and we let him do his own thing for a few minutes, but then he said to us that his "shin" was wet (needless to say, he knows all his body parts, even unfamiliar ones like shin, calf, and ankle, haha!)... and sure enough he had peed a little bit more and it was on his leg.  So I asked him if he needed to go poop and he said yes, so I said "ok, let's go upstairs and poop on the potty, and then you can come back downstairs and play" and he agreed to go back upstairs (I was very surprised -- you would think that after being on the potty for hours, he wouldn't want to go back up -- but we figured he must really need to go and want to so that he could go back to playing)... so back up to the potty we went... but no #2 or #1 for that matter... but then at 2:56pm we heard him get upset that some got on his leg again... So we waited to see if he would go some more...

Basically we have discovered this pattern happening... he will hold it as long as he can on the potty, then he will finally let a little bit out, and then we put big boy underwear on him, let him go play, but he then starts to let some more pee come out while he is wearing his underwear and he gets all upset that he is wet... so we bring him back upstairs and sit him down thinking he will finally let it all out... and instead we wait an hour or so, and some more will dribble out here and there -- so far, he hasn't let it all go, just a little bit here and there.  To be honest, I think it startles him when it hits his legs or shins (in case you haven't figured out, we are having him SIT on the potty to go pee -- I would have no idea how to potty train a visually impaired child how to stand and where to aim and all that stuff!!!!) and the few times it has shot out and hit his legs, he got upset and asked for us to dry it off...

So right now its 3:50pm and he's getting kinda fussy.  I think he's tired of sitting on the potty (obviously) and he's probably uncomfortable from having to hold it all day... He is squirming a lot like he's trying really hard to hold it in... We are getting to the really tough part where he is getting upset and starting to cry.  This is very sad for us to watch - he is obviously miserable trying to hold his pee... Hopefully he will let it go soon...

Ok, so at 4:48pm, we had our breakthrough.... we had the water turned on, and he was all squirming and fussing -- and we just kept encouraging him to go pee pee and let it out -- his bladder must have felt like it was going to explode because he was doing the potty dance on the toilet, and squirming around and his face was all red -- and we were cheering him on, telling him it was ok to let it go in the potty and that he would feel much better... and then he let a little bit go and I immediately cheered and clapped for him, and we told him to keep going... and then a little bit more came out, and then a little bit more -- each time we clapped and praised him, and he was starting to get excited!  Although he wouldn't let it all go and have a full stream at once, he was letting it out little by little... but it was starting to click - I think he finally made the connection that it was OK to do what he was doing!  The more we praised, the more he went and the happier he got! He must have been so relieved to finally let some of that pressure out!  So after a few minutes of the start and stop pee, we asked him if he was all done and he said yes. 

So we happily let him get up and have a break.... And we thought that maybe we should call it a day since he did so good finally... we thought he really made the connection and we wanted to reward him for what he did... so we thought that maybe we would tell him he did a great job for today, and that we would do a potty party again tomorrow.... But we had another surprise...

So during this last break, he did pretty good... he played for about 10 minutes without an accident (the previous breaks he was going pee after only 5 minutes or less), so when he did start to go, I could see it through his shorts and I asked him if he had to go pee and he said yes, and I asked him if he wanted to finish going potty upstairs, and he said yes!  So then we took him back upstairs and turned on the water and watched closely to see when he would start to go so we could praise each and every little drop that came out... and he started to let little bits go here and there -- and he was really getting excited! Every time he would go, he would laugh or say "woah!" and we would clap and cheer!  I kept telling him that he was doing great, and to keep going... but then he sat up a little bit more and a stream came out and hit his leg and that upset him -- so I quickly put a hand towel over his lap and said that it was ok, he was fine, I wiped him off and said the towel will keep him from getting wet while he goes pee pee... so then we just watched the water (since we could no longer see if pee was coming out of his "winkie") and we kept seeing the water moving -- he was going!  Again, it wasn't a full stream or anything, but I think he was slowly getting used to the feeling of going pee on the potty -- it must be such a different feeling than going in a diaper since you can't even feel the wetness because the diaper is so absorbent!  Think of how different that would be, sitting on a potty, all out in the open, feeling like you don't know what is going to go where and if its ok to let it go and afraid of what might happen if you do let it go... So after about 15 minutes of tinkle....... tinkle.....tinkle..... I didn't see the water moving anymore, so we asked him if he was all done and he said yes. 

So we put a pull up on him and said the potty party was over for today since he did such a great job, and we would do it again tomorrow.  He gets to take a break for the rest of the evening (this is how their potty parties go -- they end at a certain time, and the child goes back into the diaper or pull up until the next day -- until all areas of potty training are covered -- ie, once they are willingly going on the potty, you then have to teach them how to tell you that they have to go, before they have an "accident" -- so this was a very successful first day for all of us).  Jenn told me that in all the years she has been doing Potty Parties, this was the first time EVER that she had a child request the potty on the first day (the last time Aden was having a break, when I asked him if he wanted to finish going pee pee on the potty, he said yes and went willingly -- you would think he would have wanted to stay on a break and just relax and not go back onto the potty he had been on for 9 hours! But he said yes that he wanted to go sit on the potty!).  She was very impressed with the progress we made in one day -- we finally had our breakthrough moment around 5pm and he was happy and excited when it did happen!  It was a huge success!  He didn't even seem to be upset at all that I said we were having another Potty Party tomorrow!  He told Jenn bye bye and "see you tomorrow!"  Oh that reminds me -- after the 5pm episode when he finally started to go, when we got up to take a break, we let him flush the toilet because he had gone pee pee in the potty (he had flushed it a few times here and there when he first discovered it and we put an end to that - he is not allowed to flush the toilet unless he has gone in it!) so he was super excited about getting to flush the toilet -- and then, he stood at the toilet and waved and said "bye bye pee pee!"  We all laughed and looked at each other like "did he just say that?" -- it was so funny!!!  And when we came up for the last time to finish going pee, he came upstairs, went to the toilet and said "hi pee pee!" and that was pretty funny too, but we had to tell him that the pee pee was not in the potty yet, and explain all that. 

Overall, I am completely amazed and so proud of Aden.  He is truly a remarkable boy.  What a long day to endure -- I know that he didn't completely understand everything in the beginning and it was kinda scary for him, and very uncomfortable at times -- but he did it... and when he made that connection, he was very happy!  I think that tomorrow will go much better -- I think he will go a lot sooner, rather than holding it for so long -- now that he knows what we want him to do, and what it feels like, I think he will be willing to do it more.  And then we just work on getting him to tell us when he has to go so we can make it there before an accident... and at some point he is going to have to go #2... so we'll see what happens then. 

I imagine that he is going to do that later on tonight since I'm pretty sure he had to do that earlier.  I just knew that as soon as we put his pull up on him, he would be soaking wet within minutes, and of course I was right.  It wasn't 10 minutes after he was in the pull up, and I just thought to ask him -- I said "Aden, be sure to tell mommy when your pull up is wet so I can get you a dry pull up" and he immediately said "yes I'm wet mommy!" so I changed him, and there was quite a lot in there -- all that juice and Pediasure he had been holding in all day, he had let a little bit out for us, but the rest was in that pull up! 

We'll see what happens tomorrow! :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Ohio State Jewelry!

Now that I've been living in Columbus for almost 2 years, I must say I am a true Buckeye Fan now!  Honestly I don't have much of a choice! Haha! Everywhere you look, you see OSU this, and Buckeye that!  I have never seen so many cars drive around with those flag things that stick out their windows on game day, flying the OSU flag, or vanity license plates saying some version of OSU FAN or OHIO!  And don't get me started on game day when at any random time, someone can yell out "OH" and inevitably at least 10 other people yell out in response "IO!"  I have been one of the fortunate ones to get to attend an OSU football game, and oh my goodness what a sight that is! These people are Buckeye crazy!  But its a lot of fun and that's why I love it so much!  So in honor of the Ohio State University Buckeyes, I have made a line of OSU Jewelry so you can be decked out even more with Buckeye gear! :)  Here are a few pictures of my newest designs.  Currently I have over 25 different bracelets, 9 different earrings and 2 different necklaces to choose from, and I'm always trying to come up with new ideas! I also enjoy making custom orders, so if you have an idea that you don't see on my site, please feel free to contact me at:

OSU Czech Glass Beaded Bracelet -  $14.00

 Scarlet and Gray Swarovski Crystal Cube Beaded Bracelet  -  $21.00

Swarovski Crystals, Murano Glass Beads & Buckeye Beaded Bracelet  -  $19.00

Sparkly OSU Buckeye Bracelet with Crystals  -  $20.00

All of these items are for sale in our online store: -- as well as Autism Awareness Jewelry, Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry and other Beaded Jewelry!  Please stop by and check out our new products!  I have more Autism Awareness items to add, including new necklaces, earrings, bracelets and now keychains!  Thanks so much for your support!