Thursday, June 2, 2011


11:16AM -- Still no pee pee on the potty... we got him on at 8:15am -- however his diaper was very wet from over night, but yesterday he woke up dry so we had an extra advantage... so today we have given him LOTS of fluids!!!  He is in a good mood so far... and every once in a while he says he is gonna go pee, but nothing happens... but I think we are getting close -- yesterday he sat for 4 hours before he finally let a little bit come out... right now we are at 3 hours... we'll see!!!

12:33PM -- Aden started getting very fussy and antsy -- he was obviously holding it and getting very uncomfortable.  We tried to cheer him on like yesterday and tell him it was OK to go pee pee in the potty, but he was just getting more upset.  He finally did let a very few small squirts come out, but we wanted him to let more go before we let him get down for a break, but he was holding out pretty good.  So we told him one more pee pee and he could get down for a break.  He kept asking to be done for the day, and we told him he could have a break if he just went one more time in the potty... so after about 5 minutes, he finally let another tiny small amount come out, so we let him get down and put his new SpongeBob underwear on him and we let him play downstairs for 5 minutes exactly -- and he stayed DRY on his break! That was the first break he has taken yet that he didn't go pee in his underwear!  However he still really needs to go potty -- so now we have him back on the potty and he is all fussy and upset and irritable... I wish he would go so he could have some relief... We also need to eat lunch soon but we can't do it right now while he is so upset...

1:15PM -- He finally started letting some pee pee go!  He did really good, but after every time, he kept saying he was all done and wanted to get down and be done for the day... we knew he still had a lot in there, so we kept prompting him to keep going, and after about 5 minutes of start and stop pee (and lots of cheers and praises),  we let him get down for his next break.  This time we were going to try for 10 minutes, but he only made it 7 minutes before having an accident... so back up the potty we went! And he was finally calm enough to have lunch, so we ate while on the potty.  He must have let a significant enough amount go because he is no longer squirming and fussing like he was earlier.

2:15PM -- another round of stop and go pee pee -- this time the amounts were a little bit more, but he didn't do it for as long -- more like 2 minutes of peeing stop and go, but the amount was more.... So we kept cheering him on, but nothing else came... then by 2:30pm he let another big amount go! So he got to have a break, but this time he only went 2 minutes before he had an accident...  *cute side note -- Aden LOVED playing with his aide's iPad while waiting on the potty!*

3:28PM -- we think he has to go #2 and he is all upset about it... what a scary feeling this must be for him!  He just doesn't want to let it happen... he has had a little bit of pee come out though, but not consistently...

So then at 3:45pm I had to run to the grocery store -- I didn't want to leave, but I desperately needed some stuff that we were out of, so I ran to the store.  When I came back at 4:45pm, they informed me that he had gone 3 times and had 3 breaks and he was up to 15 minutes of a break without having an accident!!!!!  All of the action happens in the afternoon for sure!  And the last one apparently was A  LOT of pee! They said it was a big amount, and that it came out in a much longer stream than what we had been seeing (tiny stop and starts) -- they were all so excited!!!! 

So the day ended on a success for sure -- he finally let a bunch out and he was able to stay dry for 15 minutes before having to go sit and pee again... what will tomorrow hold? :)


  1. Potty training is such a huge hurdle. My son was 5 before he started getting the hang of it. Good luck! It sounds like you are off to a great start.

  2. Celeste -- thanks for stopping by! Boy has it been an adventure! I need to write Day 3's story! Yikes! LOL :)