Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2010 Walk Now for Autism Speaks

Daddy Jeffy, Aden and Mama Lola at the Walk
What a great event it turned out to be! Again this year we had thousands of families come out to support Autism Awareness and raise money for Autism Speaks.  It was a beautiful day this year -- not like last year when it was so cold we had to bundle up Aden in blankets! We got some great pictures too! :)
Our ABA aide Megan came with us this year (on the far left), and our mom did the walk with us too! (If you look closely, you can see my cute Autism Awareness flip flops that my crafty friend made for me - they have red, yellow, light blue, royal blue and puzzle print ribbons tied all around them)

That is BRUTUS BUCKEYE posing for a picture with Aden! (Aden wasn't interested at the time! Haha!)

Megan, Aden and myself (Aden is holding his leaf that I gave him while we were walking around outside - he kept it with him the whole time! It was so cute!)

That's Megan and Aden's teacher, Miss Tammy posing with Aden at the walk!

Of course I had to sport all of my Autism Awareness jewelry I made too! :)  And I saw a few of the OSU Students wearing some of mine also that had purchased some from me! It was very exciting! :)