Monday, October 19, 2009

Aden's Angels - Our team for the 2009 Walk Now for Autism Speaks

UPDATE: We had over 6,000 walkers at the event and raised over $340,000 in Columbus alone! Wow! Great job everyone! :)
This past Sunday, October 11th we participated in the 2009 Walk Now for Autism Speaks event here in Columbus. This was our first year to do this walk and it was really a great event! Our team was "Aden's Angels" named after my son Aden, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at 15 months old. He is now 3 1/2 yrs old and attending a full day preschool program in our local public school district. He is doing wonderfully there!!!

We had a great turnout for our team too! The members were:
Myself (Lola) - Team Captain
Jaime - my mother, Aden's "Nana"
Jeff - my husband, "Daddy Jeffy"
Lynn - my mother-in-law, "Grandma Lamb"
Ron - my father-in-law, "Papa Lamb"
Sonny - Ron's best friend from childhood, our "Team Co-Captain" :)
Michelle - my sister-in-law
Janet - one of Lynn's best friends
Trish - another one of Lynn's best friends
Beth - another one of Lynn's best friends

Here I am with Sonny, Jeff, my mom Jaime and Aden all bundled up! It was cold that day!

Here I am with my Pooky Bear the day of the walk! I was wearing all my Autism Awareness jewelry, and my hair scrunchie I made too!
Here is Sonny - I called him our Team Captain because he proudly held up our signs we made before the walk. They had a few tables set up with free signs and paints to make your own signs - unfortunately I was not very good at decorating with just a sponge (as compared to using an actual paint brush, which they did not have) - so my sign was really ugly! LOL! My husband was embarrassed to hold it! Haha! Sonny was such a good sport! He held both mine and my moms signs the whole time! :) This one is the one my mother made. :)
Here I am with my husband Jeff - we were sporting OSU and Autism Awareness! :)

Here is Lynn with her best friends - they were so sweet and funny! I'm so glad they came out!

So we had a great day and we raised over $700 for the walk! Thanks to everyone that made donations and purchased Autism Awareness jewelry from me to raise money for the walk! :)