Sunday, November 28, 2010

Treasuries I'm featured in on

Some crafters online have put together their own collections of items on that have a common theme, and I was chosen to be in a few of them!  I love to look at Treasuries because they bring together such diverse artists to showcase a beautiful theme, and its just something nice to look through when you are bored! :)  So here are a few that I'm featured in!  Click on the link with the name of the treasury to be taken to the page with the pictures of the other items in the treasury! Have fun! :)

Thank you again for reading our blog!  I would like to write some more information about our son Aden's progress with his ABA therapy, but this year has been so busy for us!  After the New Years, I am hoping things will slow down a little bit and I can work on updating my blog more than just once every few months!  I did want to share the Treasuries though -- they are fun to look at! :)  Thanks again!
Lola Lambert
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