Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am a member of WeLoveEtsy.com

This is a really cute site for people who love Etsy - hence the name!

Visit We Love Etsy

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  1. Hi Lola,
    I came across your website via etsy when doing a search for autism. I was quite amazed when reading your profile that we both share a 3 year old son with autism called Aden. My Aden was born on 5th May 2006.
    I would like to commend you on your hard work for autism awareness along with being a `more than' full time mom to your son. I have 2 ASD kids and a 1 year old that so far seems NT. I have also always loved making jewelry but sadly dont have the time at the moment. Maybe one day I too can create on etsy, but for now I just shop there, lol.
    Keep up the great work!.
    p.s. if you would like to keep in contact with another asd mom I can send you my email.